Mission To Zyxx

315: Scatting in the Shower [ft. Frank Garcia Hejl]

Episode Summary

The crew embarks on a standard, run-of-the-mill mission to Paula’s Banquet Hall. Dar gets a surprise. AJ hunts a mysterious enemy. Nermut learns how it works.

Episode Notes

Alden Ford as Pleck Decksetter
Jeremy Bent as C-53
Allie Kokesh as Dar
Seth Lind as Nermut Bundaloy, Das and Daz
Winston Noel as AJ and Dag
Moujan Zolfaghari as Bargie, Paula, Dab, and Day

With special guest Frank Garcia Hejl as Dad

Edited by Seth Lind
Recording, sound design and mix by Shane O’Connell
Music composed by Brendan Ryan and performed by FAME’s Macedonian Symphony Orchestra
Opening crawl narration by Jeremy Crutchley
Ship design for The Bargarean Jade by Eric Geusz
Audio hosting by Simplecast

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Mission to Zyxx is a proud member of the Maximum Fun network.