Mission To Zyxx

402: The Snuff That Screams Are Made Of [ft. David Bluvband]

Episode Summary

The crew is deployed to a mysterious castle to secure resources for Seesu Gundu’s mission of unification. Pleck gets cornered. C-53 gets framed. Dar gets loose.

Episode Notes


Jeremy Bent as C-53

Alden Ford as Pleck Decksetter

Allie Kokesh as Dar

Seth Lind as Nermut Bundaloy

Winston Noel as AJ

Moujan Zolfaghari as Bargie

With special guest David Bluvband as the Saints Vornakian

Recording, sound design and mix by Shane O’Connell

Edited by Seth Lind

Music composed by Brendan Ryan

Opening crawl narration by Jeremy Crutchley

Ship design for The Bargarean Jade by Eric Geusz

Audio hosting by Simplecast

This episode sponsored by Shudder

Mission to Zyxx is a proud member of the Maximum Fun network